Supplement to UNEP Bangkok posting

In my last post, I referenced the work-product of the May 20-22, 2009, UNEP conference – Strengthening Transboundary Freshwater Governance: The Environmental Sustainability Challenge – in Bangkok, Thailand: the Bangkok Plan of Action and the Chair’s Summary of the Technical Segment containing the “recommendations for action to the High-Level Ministerial Segment.”  UNEP has yet to publish them, but here are scanned copies of the two documents distributed at the conference.

One Response to “Supplement to UNEP Bangkok posting”

  1. Todd Jarvis says:

    Professor Eckstein:

    The Bangkok Plan of Action appears to be another in a long series of declarations such as the Alicante Declaration and many others that are the culmination of international meetings. With so many declarations floating around (no pun intended), it would seem to be of value to compile them all and prepare a synthesis of whether there is any overlap in intent, and what is new (or perhaps what is new through time).

    Are any of these declarations discussed during the course of developing documents such as the UN Articles on Transboundary Aquifers?