Israel - Palestinian Joint Water Committee: Joint Declaration for Keeping the Water Infrastructure out of the Cycle of Violence

January 31, 2001

The Israeli and Palestinian sides view the water and waste water sphere as a most important matter and strongly oppose any damage to water and wastewater infrastructure.

The two sides are taking all possible measures to supply water and treat wastewater in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, even in the difficult circumstances of the recent months.

The two sides wish to bring to public attention that the Palestinian and Israeli water and wastewater infrastructure is mostly intertwined and serves both populations. Any damage to such systems will harm both Palestinians and Israelis.

A special effort is being made by the two sides to ensure the water supply to the Palestinian and Israeli cities, towns and villages in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. In order for this effort to succeed, we need the cooperation and support of all the population, both Israeli and Palestinian. We call on the general public not to damage in any way the water infrastructure, including pipelines, pumping stations, drilling equipment, electricity systems and any other related infrastructure.

The two sides also call on those involved in the current crisis not to harm in any way the professional teams that conduct regular maintenance or repair damage and malfunctions to the water and wastewater infrastructure.

Both sides wish to take this opportunity to reiterate their commitment to continued cooperation in the water and wastewater spheres.

Done at the Erez Crossing, This 31 January 2001.

Noah Kinarty
Head of the Israeli side
to the JWC

Nabil El-Sherif
Head of the Palestinian side
of the JWC